So what do we do?

Just some do be dobee do.
No but seriously, in an age of deadly diversification and maddening multi-tasking
we are foolishly focused.
We just do salads. And fresh juices.
And we do it the old-fashioned way.
We pluck them fresh, we toss them fresh and transport those lovelies fresh.
All our leaves are premium picks and our salads are made to order.
Not for us some characterless cold storage! Where your order is a bunch of digits stitched with no soul.
And we are quakingly quick.
We deliver in 45 minutes in NCR.
In spite of the terrible traffic.
But the proof of the endive is in the eating.
So instead of loitering away your life reading this
may we recommend you move your majestic mouse to the Menu button?
Thank you, you marvelous one.