Saladdays refers to a youthful time, accompanied by enthusiasm, idealism and innocence.Someones's heyday when they are at the peak of their abilities.

Healthy salads are mainstream food in many parts of the world. Salads are eaten as a complete nutritious meal, grabbed as a quick bite or savored as a delicious dessert. There are varieties of salads, which serve all purposes and are surely healthier than our common eating choices. We believe that with lifestyles getting busier, people want but don’t find enough time for their health. Repercussions are not felt suddenly, but gradually we fall prey to irreversible changes.

It is time we start acknowledging the requirements of a healthy body and make favorable changes to our eating habits.

Which investment is better than a healthy investment!

Salad is not a side dish. Salads do not necessarily mean cut cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. Good salads are nutritious, tasty and filling. It is just that we are not properly exposed to real salads. 

Fiber, Vitamins, Unsaturated fats, Good carbs, Minerals and Roughage are bountiful in salads. They take us away from artificial add-ons, bad calories, saturated fats, processed sugars, colors and preservatives, which are essentially present in most of our daily choices.

In order to address this white space, we have introduced authentic salads. Real salads have arrived.

Salad Days Team

Few words that we relate to are: Create, Innovate, Dream, Attitude, Madness, Top Speed, Style, Strong and Why Not?

The 2 of us are restless to do justice to our own expectations, which probably takes care of everything else. Our eternal personal driver is Happiness, in its pure and effortless form. In the past, we have known each other while sharing jamming rooms and stage in the same music band; common love for engines & cameras; and of course good times at XLRI, Jamshedpur. But today the reason is bigger and only one. We now share our dreams: “Salad Days” binds us. 

We believe that common sense is most intelligent, and simple is most beautiful. We love working hard to continuously improve and stay close to perfection. We imagine. We imagine happy days, successful days and some real solid days. The quest to materialize this imagination is the rationale behind this startup and its name. We wish to be a part of the Salad Days of all our customers, and in turn live and relive our own Salad Days.

Together, we are investing our lives in this adventure not just to create a brand or to earn monies only. We admittedly believe that there is a dearth of unadulterated and genuine eating options in our vicinity. In fact, we have taken a bigger responsibility on ourselves than to just sell good salads. We wish to compliment eating habits with better alternatives and make salads a part of Indian mainstream diet. Health, taste and sate do exist in tandem. Well, we love our salads and they are really filling.

To give us an opportunity to know you better, connect with us on We work to enjoy and end up doing a lot of crazy things like growing exotics and fruits, playing music, motorcycling, jumping and shouting.

We love challenges and seek them from you to help us become better, faster. Please feel free to drop in any number of suggestions, feedback, ideas, complaints, challenges or just a sweet hello at

We need your love to serve and grow. We assure you of our best, always.